Sunday, January 12, 2014

Last Week's Activities

We have not blogged for a long time with the move to the new house and the holidays, but I wanted to get some pictures up from our activities over the last week.  I will let Regina put up some holiday pictures if she wants later on.  Yesterday Isaac started a basketball introduction program through the Park & Rec.  He was so excited to start because we have been going to the YMCA a little and playing around.  They went through a few drills on passing, dribbling, and shooting.  He was really excited to wear his new basketball shoes that we got him.  He had lots of fun and hopefully the next few weeks he learns a few things.
Isaac shooting.  He made this shot!
Isaac dribbling.

Last weekend there was a Monster Jam event in Des Moines that I took Isaac and Caleb to.  It is an event where they have monster trucks drive around and jump cars.  We had some of our friends come along with us.  All of the boys had lots of fun and really enjoyed it.  Isaac & Caleb's favorite part was when they had 4 motor cross guys come out to do jumps and tricks.  They were really high and flying through the air!  
Start of Monster Jam. L to R: Caleb's head, friends August and Eli, Isaac, friend Zeke.
Monster Truck jumping.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Isaac ready for his 1st day of Kindergarten
It's hard to believe it but Isaac started Kindergarten last week!  Monday & Tuesday were half days for orientation.  Zach took Monday off and went with me to drop him off.  Isaac was so excited so I didn't cry but to say I wasn't emotional would have been a lie.  Dropping him off made me realize how fast time is going and how little time we really have left with him at home.  In the blink of an eye he will be graduating and heading off to college.  But not just yet!  Zach picked Isaac up from school on Monday and took him to Des Moines for lunch and mini golfing.  Then they came home and played the Wii!  I had to work so Caleb spent the day at our baby sitters. 
Wednesday was a day off from school and then Thursday was the first full day of school for Isaac.  Kindergarten is all day, every day here in Indianola.  Isaac wasn't as excited on Thursday morning and there were tears when we lined up to go inside.  Normally the teachers don't wait very long outside but instead take their class inside quickly.  On the first couple of days though they waited until the tardy bell which was almost 20 minutes.  Isaac is a processor so standing in line gave him too much time to think and resulted in tears of fear.  Both Thursday & Friday I was there to console but it completely broke my heart.  We talked to the teacher on Friday afternoon and decided we would just drop him off a little later so he doesn't have to wait so long in line.  Each day this week has been great!  Isaac loves school once he gets there and gets busy!

Caleb giving his big brother a hug

Picture on the front porch

Vacation in pictures

We left on August 16 for HoneyCreek Resort by Lake Rathbun.  The boys were excited to go!

Zach thought it would be fun to have a couple of toys come with us and be in each picture.  Smooth Smurf & Clumsy Smurf were the chosen ones.

Isaac & the Smurfs after we checked in to our hotel room

We brought along donuts and milk for breakfast each morning

HoneyCreek has an 18 hold golf course and on Saturday morning we went out to the driving range to let Isaac & I take a few swings.

Daddy coached Isaac and Isaac did pretty well for his first time

Caleb even took a few swings after Isaac was done

Zach's not supposed to because of a stress fracture in his foot but he couldn't resist taking a few swings himself. :)

Caleb in the Pirate outside of the waterpark

Isaac in the Pirate outside of the waterpark

Isaac taking a break from swimming to pose with Smooth.  Isaac LOVED the water and turned out to be quite the swimmer in the deeper water.  He even went under water!

Caleb checking out Smooth & Clumsy.  Caleb loved the shallow part with the little waterslide the best!

Saturday afternoon we rented bikes and took off for the playground for a picnic lunch.

The boys loved playing on the playground

We were able to rent a Burley for Caleb to ride in.  Zach pulled him behind his bike because he was too heavy for me!

Isaac & I rode tandem together which was a new experience for both of us

Caleb fell asleep mid ride so we let him nap for a while after we got back

Our room was right off the lake. Smooth & Clumsy are checking out the view.

We ate at the resort restaurant Saturday night.  It wasn't very good food but the kids enjoyed coloring

The bread was the best part of the meal

Caleb & Mommy waiting on the food

Daddy & Isaac waiting on the food

Sunday morning before we left we rented a paddleboat.  Mommy & daddy did all the work while the boys enjoyed the ride in the back

Caleb & daddy enjoying the ride

New House

We have officially moved and have almost been in our new home a month!  We are slowly getting settled in but have a lot of boxes to unpack yet.  The end of our summer was busy in and of itself so to throw a move in on top was a lot! 
We love the house!  We have so much more room and love having our bedrooms on a different level than the living room & kitchen.  The boys each have their own rooms for now.  They've been begging to bunk together but Zach & I want to get settled first before tackling something like that. ;)  Both boys love to ride their bikes and 4-wheelers up and down the sidewalk in front of our house and I love sitting on our front porch watching them.  I haven't done much sitting & watching yet but I look forward to the time where I will once all these boxes are unpacked!
One of the best parts of our house is that we live so close to the Indianola Balloon field.  During the National Balloon Festival we woke up to numerous balloons flying right over our house.  One morning I even got to see one take off in the field next to us!  Such an awesome sight!  If you ever want to see the balloons let us know!  We have prime seating now!

A balloon taking off from the field next to us

Inflating the balloon for take off

It takes a LONG time to inflate a hot air balloon

A daily sight over our house during the week of the National Balloon Classic

Friday, July 26, 2013

Catching up!

We have been busy during the month of July!  After we got back from Minnesota on the 4th we spent a weekend with my family to celebrate my parents 40th anniversary.  We spent Friday at Adventureland then Saturday morning the men golfed while I took the boys back to Indianola for swimming lessons.  Saturday afternoon we played wiffle ball out in the yard and other yard games with the kids.  Saturday evening was supposed to be a quiet family hot dog roast but my sister in law & I decided to make it a surprise party and invited a few of my parents closest friends and relatives.  We had a lot of fun that night!  Sunday morning was a quiet morning spent at home playing games and packing to go back home.  There are pictures below of all our fun activities.
This week we are packing up and preparing to move!  We get possession of our new house on Monday the 29th but don't actually close until July 31st.  Our current house closes the 31st as well.  We have rounded up some friends and family to help us load and unload a trailer on Monday afternoon.  We hope with so many people it will go quickly!  Next time I update this blog we will officially be moved...I am in awe and wonder!
Isaac & Caleb at Adventureland, waiting to ride the Ferris Wheel

Still in line with Grandpa Bryce & Grandma Arlene

My two brothers and their families loaded and ready to ride the Ferris Wheel

Isaac & Daddy waiting for the Ferris Wheel to start

Caleb with Grandpa & Grandma waiting for the Ferris Wheel to start

Isaac & Caleb wanted to ride the semi trucks while everyone else went on the roller coasters. Daddy went along as well

Then we were off to the airplanes!

Enjoying the airplane ride

After airplanes we had to go ride motorcycles and cars.  Isaac picked a big motorcycle

Caleb picked this car

Riding the motorcycle and the car

Isaac helping Grandpa Bryce roast hotdogs for supper Saturday night

Some of the people who surprised mom and dad for the hotdog roast on Saturday night

We even bought a cake for them

40 years together and still smiling!

I thought it would be fun for them to feed each other cake again just like they did 40 years ago

And they look the same as they did back then...

Caleb is still potty training and very proud that he kept Buzz Lightyear dry

Saturday evening we got out the sparklers and Isaac LOVED them!

Caleb got in on the action too with daddy's help

Sunday morning we played CatchPhrase outside on the patio. Isaac & Caleb are helping Grandma

Isaac & Mommy playing CatchPhrase together

Caleb & Grandpa Bryce playing Buzz & Woody